Our SUPA fun day!

26 May

Our friend Sofia came!!! YAYYY!


After that, we went to Dylans Candy Bar #CauseWeFatties



Then we went to Nobu! (We seriously ate so much….it was sad. sad but supper amazing

this is just some of the food (there was more? of course there was)

Crispy rice with spicy tuna #YUM #MaFave




Lychee mango drinks! #Tropicalness


DESSSERTTT (yes we had two…um)


We also made a rally great friend named Stephen C. He was our waiter, but we had a very strong suspicion that he was also our chef. We also thought he was a puerto rican assasin. Gosh, i miss him.

Sofia and me at dinner!


After that! We shopped at Urban Outfitters. We tried looking for the Ferris Beullar shirt but they stopped selling. Oh shucks!

Thennnn, we went to the theater that we saw My Own Private River, where we saw the movie Aliens. Which was amazing the second time and SO FLIPPING SCARY! 


Also, on May 8th they had screened My Own Private Idaho there, so we got a pic of the sign


After that, at like 1 o’clock in the morning, our brother and his friends went out to brunch at Bubby’s! #CityThatNeverSleeps It was so fun! The restaurant is the one that serves the drinks in the jars.



We got blueberry pancakes. They. Were. So. Good.


Olie got a very pretty lookng cappuccino


in the basement of the restaurant, there was a photobooth machine, so we got pictures!


After that, we walked to our bro’s (mofo’s) apartment, and the city looked so cool at night. It looked like  a scene right out of The Dark Night.


Also, we were going to watch this movie named Run Lola Run because our brother told us it was good. Look who stars in it


FRANKA POTENTE! Elijah Wood’s ex girlfriend! hahahahahhahahahha


peace out!


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