A Block Dance Party!

22 May

Today we had our  A block dance party and got to watch the dance concert on video (We looked SO amazing i cant even describe…..#Fatties #BadDancers #Losers #FALS #Awesomeness)

Anyways, Ms. Timms brought snacks and i know how much you all love food, so here we go!


and the AMAZING (cant even tell you enough) cake that she homemakes. Its like marshmellows and chocolate and like brown sugar or something. SO GOOD. Legit.


Taylor, Im dissapointed. You were home today early and didnt blog!?!? How dare you. Im dittapointed. We all are. (Speaking on behalf of The Fruity Legos who will or already haved blogged once today.)

P.S. The contract still abides


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