12 May

Hey, so the FALS took an amazing trip to South St Seaport in NYC and had soooooo much fun!!!!

okay so we had this reallly reallly reallly yummy strawberry lemonade:


and we had a delicious lunch!ImageImageImageImage
these are just some sesi pics of the hot foxes:
then we went on an hour and half llong sailboat ride!!!! So much fun and so relaxing and it was AMAZING! (We got to help the boat people put the sails up!)
and then we got tattoos! (Real of course) Image
and then we had DELICIOUS mango shaved ice!!!! So gooooooddddImage
and then we ended the day with a cup of super yummy garlic roasted corn!!!! #ummm #yes
Quotes of the day:
“Don’t coddle the boy”- TayTay213_holly
“Chase would be the two passive girls” TayLor
*Taylor in an attempt to tell a childhood story*
“We sat on the boat and we were soaked—-“-Taylor.
“Soaked in butter?”- Bella
“You just ignored what I said”- Bella
“Yeah cause it was a stupid comment. (Pause) Anyway, the men were—” -Taylor
“Soaked in butter?”-Bella
*taylor gives up*
“Shut up you soaked in butter foxknocker!”- Opey
“One day I hope to have as much confidence as the statue of liberty”- Olie

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