Food we should have on a celabratory sleepover when school ends

8 May

. Smores (YUMYUMYUM)

. Put oreos in a bowl and put milk in them. Eat it like cereal

. Girl scout cookies

. Starbucks frapachinos

. curly fries with lots and lots of ketchup!

. sushi

. Fondu (Melting pot?)

. Sour worms (On cupcakes?)

. Penut butter or nutella panninies with bannanas

. mozerella sticks

. mac and cheese (SUPER CHEESEY)

. Mediteraneos margarita cheese pizza!

. soft pretzels

. chocolate covered pretzels

. Chipwitches (Cookie ice cream sandwhich)

. Cupcakes (red velvet) in jars



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