3 May

And I was like, every eddy now became frought with possibility. – VIGGO

Dogs….all my life. – Mathilda

Well, i didnt think it was the old bag’s down the hall! -Mathilda

Dont Worry About Andrew – ANDREW


Oh My Gosh!! – Matt

WHat’s This Guys Problem – ANDREW

“Hi this is Santa Monica Juicy.  This is Anthony.” – AG

CHOCO TACO – another AG

B is for….. BRITNEY… BUS! – Chris MOY

Chris! Joe’s trapped in the box! He’s gonna burn! It says… caution EXTREMELY HOT…. – AG

We’ll shut off the house light and turn off the black light! – ONECALL

“It’s been three years mike” – KEANuuuuu

Heck no! Who do you think I am? – Riverrrrrr

Jim, they’re killing him! – a random person named Natalie Wood who totally DIDNT MAKE IT.

I can see that – HWILL HWHEATON

Are you okay? – super nice friend who checks if someone is having a seizure in her sleep…

Mas o menos – I have absolutely no idea who would say this….

I need you!!!!!!!!!!!! – martha “notatalltheluckiestpersonalive” plimpton


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