1 Jan

This is coming to an end.

My days of blogging are now officially over. Due to lack enthusiasm, passion, and dedication from multiple sources, i have cut off my connections with this wonderful blog. There were just too many irreconcilable differences, but we will always remain friends….welll maybe.


2012 is the start of something new.

Goodbye Losers that Made It.

It was a fun run.

Thanks to the Academy.

Peacin out

Bella (the loser who WONT make it)



  1. taylorpimproyimsorryididntblog January 2, 2012 at 7:32 am #

    hey…. this is taylor pimproy…. REMEMBER MEEEEEE?????? anywho MY COMPUTER LOGGED ME OUT AND I FORGET THE PASSWORD AND SO I CAN’T BLOG!!!!!!! I SWEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DON”T STOP BLOGGING!!!!!!!!!!!!! TELL ME THE PASSWORD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I MADE IT!!!!!!!!!!! SEE YOU IN 20 YEARS!!!!!!!

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