24 Dec

We just came back from the best trip everrrrrrr!!!

It was so sad leaving the boat (our true home) and the crew!

This was the entire crew! We gave all of them nicknames….here we go

First is Charlie, then Kieran but we called him Kiki (he is the Charlie guy), his girlfriend Crystal, Olivia but we called her Bunny, then there was Claire, then Sian, then Tom, and  Dennis (he’s dating Bunny), then Travis but we called him Travi, Andy but we called him Ando, then there is Simon but we called him Simone, Ben and Mic….., and Wade but we called him Wado. The Captain Andrew is in the front! I MISS THE SOULMATES!!! It was so sad leaving!

today for lunch they set up the tables so pretty

Just a pic of Leila, Olie, and I  havin a blast on the boat #Caribbean #MYHOME

A pretty pic of the Caribbean water


#FALFALFALFALAFALFALFAL btw we have some great Alex and Steve stories to share! STAY TUNED (also, comment when yall are coming back kthanksbye)


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