Update for my swizzles

22 Dec

K guys so todaayyyy we arrived in St Barthes and the trip over here was so rocky, everybody felt like they were going to throw up #CaribbeanProblems

but then beautiful st barthes made up for it all!

We had another eventful night fishing. Olie almost caught a snapper but it was so strong and big, it got away!

One of the crew members, who’s really funny, reminds us a lot of Charlie from Lost. Taylor you would dig him.

lets see….what else.

Another quote? yes.

Alex: Ok, so we’ll stop by the cigar shop and then go to the gelato shop.
Leila: Dont forget the gelato shop!
Sophie, Olie, and Bella: SHE JUST SAID THAT!

So here are some pictures

this was our lunch! Really good chicken paninis, a strawberry daiquiri and a passion fruit smoothie

cant forget the amazin gelato!

Something else St Barthes is known for…..good looking mannequins

look at this really cute kitty we saw outside one of the stores!!!

PEACE OUT LOSERS!!! #ILoveWinterBreak #EnjoyEveryMinuteOfIt #DOIT!


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