my name is. WHAT? my name is. WHO? my name is….

22 Dec

sooooooooo winter break is….. SO FUN!!!!!!!


example: I heard the telephone ring this morning and i looked at the clock and it said 10:00 and i was like “OH NO, I HAVE TO GET UP FOR SCHOOL” but then I was like “wait…. I can sleep for however long I want!!!” and then I went downstairs and ate bagels that my grandpa went to get this morning with my cousin and Max. I HAD CREAMCHEESE AND BROWN SUGAR!!!!!! #xmasbreak #yes #ilovetwitter


soooo…. i’ve been watching the OC with my cousin and it is soooooo goood!!!!!!!! but anyways… there has been some strange appearences such as:

it’s BEA KLUGH!!!!!!!!!!!! (ummmm…. from LOST?)


Rebecca, only you will appreciate these two…

ummmm…. and her name is rachel in the show and she says “I’m Rachel” and i yelled back “No YOU’RE MONA!”

hahahahaha it’s JOSHUA!!!!!!!!!!!!



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