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19 Dec

Anyways, I bet you’re all wondering how the Cohen vacation is going???? Well, the answer is smooth. The boat is so relaxing, we were just in St.Maarten, now we are on our way to Anguilla. You know, just sippin Cappuccinos, like we do.

Did you say you wanted to see some pictures? Oh, alright…if you insist….

This is part of the boat….

the boat is really pretty! And all the boat crew are super nice!!

BTW: Im still expecting pirates to invade our boat. So if we dont end up in school on January 3,  we either are gonna be chilling in Cali or will be stowed away on a pirates boat in the middle of the ocean. Either is fine with me. Unless the pirates that kidnap us are affiliated with RCDS…

Some more of beautiful St. Maarten

After lunch yesterday on the boat, they gave us the BEST strawberry smoothies everrrrrrrrr.

lets see what else

There were the cutest cats at lunch ever. They were so skinny, so we fed them. So cute! I named them James (black) and River (grey)


also at lunch i had the best Piña Colada

I love winter break. And funny thing is…I AINT COMMIN BACK TO SCHOOL! SEE YOU IN 20 YEARS SUCKERS!!!

#WeAreSoComingBackToRCDS #GAMEOVERSucks! #SeeYaThere #Finalsssss #yessss


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