#Idothistoo NOT

16 Dec

Okay, so you know those teen websites that try to make those IDoThisToo things like I’m texting laying down and my phone hits my face….those things? And they try and be really clever?


Well you know the common one “When you say no offense, you are about to offend them you just don’t want them to get mad at you” and they think it’s really clever? WELL IT’S NOT!!!!

Actually, when you say no offese, you are going to say something that might make someone upset but your intentions are not to hurt or afend them.

Example: If someone gave you a pink sparkly shirt for your birthday and asked you to wear it to school you would say “No offesnse, I don’t really wear bright colors to school” which means you are not saying that to make them feel bad, you are telling the truth and hope they are not hurt about it….


#DedectiveOlie #ToTheRescue


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