14 Dec

I see my quote on quote “Fun Email” was not very well received. Was it something i did? said? I guess i will have to step down as Queen of Emails on this blog, because well, face the fact, my magic only works on the premises of this school’s First Class system. Only the best of the best with the fastest service and the best quality. (Order now at <#://FreeIPAd.;;//) I was trying to go for something more realistic but i guess we all want the IMPOSSIBLE! WELL GUESS WHAT!??! WE CANT ALWAYS EXPECT MARTIN SCORSESE ROLES LIKE CHLOE CAN! and we cant expect to all be the principles of this wonderful school like some other high teachers can. I guess we can just settle for begin students at this great college prep school, which, i mean, is great in itself! We Pledge allegiance to the school, and to the education for which it stands, one student body, under grownups and powerholders alike. YA!
Isn’t School lovely
Isn’t it wonderful
Isn’t it precious
Less than one hundred years old
I never thought through love we’d be
having the time of my life
But isn’t it lovely

made -from- LOVE!



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